Jesus' prophecies

Jesus is acknowledged by Christians as the Son of God and the only path to salvation. Jesus was born about 2000 years ago in Bethlehem. Jesus not only prophesied, but he is the fulfillment of many Messianic prophecies. Jesus was also unique in that he prophesied about his own life and about the impact that his words would have on the world. He said that His words would never be forgotten and that they would be taught to people everywhere in the world. Today, we can see with our own eyes, that Jesus' words are the best known of any person in the history. We can also see that there are Christians in virtually every part of the world. In fact, Christianity is the first worldwide religion.

Below is a partial listing of Jesus' prophecies.

John 3:16
All who believe in Jesus will be saved

John 4:19-26
Jesus proclaims that he is the Messiah

John 4:20-21
Jerusalem would stop being the center of worship

John 15:20
Jesus forewarned that his followers would be persecuted

Luke 19:41-44
Jesus explained why Jerusalem would be destroyed

Luke 21:23-24
Jerusalem will be trampled upon

Luke 21:24
Jesus prophesied that the Jews would be exiled and scattered

Luke 21:33
Jesus said his words would never be forgotten

Matthew 16:17,18
Jesus told Peter that the church would survive and thrive

Matthew 20:17-19
Jesus foretold his death and resurrection

Matthew 24:1-2
Jesus prophesied that the Temple would be destroyed

Matthew 24:14
Before the end comes, the Gospel will be preached to the entire world

Matthew 24:21-22
Jesus spoke of a day of unequaled destruction and suffering

Matthew 24:23-25
There will be false messiahs before Jesus returns

Matthew 24:29-31
Jesus will return (to judge the living and the dead)

Matthew 24:36-37
No one will know the hour or the day of Jesus' return

Matthew 24:14
Jesus foretold that the Gospel would be preached throughout the world

Matthew 26:20-21
Jesus prophesied that he would be betrayed

Matthew 26:31-32
Jesus prophesied that his Apostles would temporarily desert him

Matthew 26:34
Jesus prophesied that Peter would temporarily disown him

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