Pekah, King of Israel

Pekah became the 18th King of Israel after he assassinated King Pekahiah. Pekah was the son of Ramaliah. He was described as an evil king, as he continued the worship of false idols that had been started by Jeroboam 1. Pekah was an army general. Pekah reigned for 20 years, as noted in 2 Kings 15:27.

It is believed he killed Pekahiah because the Israelites were angry that the Assyrians were dominating the kingdom of Israel. Pekah, as king, aligned himself with King Rezin of Damascus. He also encouraged the Edomites and Philistines to attack Jerusalem. King Ahaz of Judah turned to Assyria for help. The Assyrians then invaded Israel and took many people there as captives to Assyria.

The Assyrians eventually brought an end to the kingdom of Israel. Pekah was assassinated by Hoshea, who became the last king of the kingdom of Israel. The story of Pekah is found in 2 Kings 15:25-37.

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