Jehoash, or Joash, King of Israel

Jehoash, also known as Joash, was the 12th King of Israel. He was the son of King Jehoahaz and he reigned 16 years. Elisha, the prophet, prophesied that Jehoash would have three victorious battles over the Syrians. Jehoash was successful in recapturing the cities that his father had lost to Syria. King Amaziah of Judah goaded King Jehoash into a war.

At first Jehoash resisted, but eventually he led his men into battle at Bethshemesh and defeated Amaziah. Jehoash's men marched into Jerusalem, captured King Amaziah, looted the Temple and palace, and took many people from Judah as hostages to Samaria. When Jehoash died, his son, Jeroboam 2, became king. The story of Jehoash is found in 2 Kings 13:9-19 and in 2 Chronicles 25:17-25. The name Jehoash means "God has bestowed/donated."

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