12 Tribes of Israel

About 4000 years ago, a man named Jacob (whose name was changed to "Israel") had 12 sons who later became the ancestors of the Tribes of Israel. At different times, for various reasons, the Bible will list the 12 Tribes of Israel but will include exclude two of Jacob's sons and replace them with two sons of Joseph (who was one of Jacob's sons). Below are the links to the profiles of Jacob's 12 sons, as well as to Joseph's two sons.

•  Asher

•  Benjamin

•  Dan

•  Gad

•  Issachar

•  Joseph

      •  Ephraim (son of Joseph)

      •  Manasseh (son of Joseph)

•  Judah

•  Levi

•  Naphtali

•  Reuben

•  Simeon

•  Zebulun

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