Absalom, also known as Abishalom

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Absalom ("father of peace"), was the third of David's six sons, and was born in Hebron. His mother, Maacah, was the daughter of Talmai, the king of Geshur (2 Samuel 3:2-5). Absalom was physically striking in appearance and had a gift of charisma.

His sister Tamar was raped by his half brother Amnon. Absalom plotted revenge on his brother, and two years later, during a family feast, he ordered his servants to kill Amnon. Absalom then fled and sought refuge with Talmai, his grandfather, at Geshur (2 Samuel 13:23-39). After three years, David, through Joab's advice, allows Absalom to come back to Jerusalem, but he is forbidden to appear before the king. Another two years later, David grants Absalom full pardon.

In spite of his affection for David, Absalom was ambitious and plotted against his father. He organized a revolt, and as the numbers of plotters grew, David flees Jerusalem with a group of faithful supporters. Eventually the two armies of David and Absalom meet in the woods of the territory of Ephraim, and Absalom's newly formed army was defeated. David gave strict orders that Absalom was not to be killed, but while fleeing on his mule through the woods, Absalom was entrapped when his long hair became entangled in the branches of a terebinth, and in spite of the kings instructions Joab kills Absalom.

Absalom had built a monument to himself in the Kings Valley, and called it "Absalom's monument," it is still there today. The story of Absalom is found in 2 Samuel, chapters 13-18.

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