Jeshua (also Called Joshua)

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A high priest of Judah. he was born during the exile of the Jews in Babylon. When King Cyrus of Persia permitted the Jews to return to Jerusalem, Jeshua and his fellow priests returned (Ezra 2:2).

Jeshua and the priests built an altar of God to restore the offerings, and also began work on restoring the Temple. Jeshua appears in two of Zechariah's visions (he's called Joshua in Zechariah) his "filthy garments" is symbolic of the peoples sins that had led to the exile, are replaced by "rich apparel" (Zech. 3:3-4).

Jeshua, as Joshua, appears again in Zech. 6:11. Jeshua, along with Zerubbabel, and the rest of the family heads of Israel told the Samaritans (who wanted to interfear with the rebuilding of the Temple) "It is not your responsibilty to build with us a house for our God, but we alone must build it for the Lord, the God of Israel, as King Cyrus of Persia has commanded us." (Ezra 4:1-3).

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