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Hosea, according to the Bible's book of Hosea, Hosea prophesied about 2750 years ago, during the reigns of the last two kings of Israel, shortly before Israel was conquered - and destroyed - by the Assyrian Empire. Hosea's prophecies spoke of the desolations that would result from being unfaithful to God, and of God's promise to later restore Israel.

Hosea was a native of Israel. His father's name was Beeri. Hosea regarded Israel, which at that time referred to the northern part of the Jewish homeland, as being corrupt and evil. Hosea prophesied during the concluding years of Jeroboam II (about 783 - 743 BC). Hosea was more tender-hearted than the stern Amos. It is easy to see from his writing that he loved the people whom he was compelled to condemn.

Hosea's home life is described and it is a mirror to the nation of Israel and its relationship to God at that time. Hosea's wife had left home for a life of prostitution, and Israel had turned away from God and pursued false gods. But Hosea continued to love his wife, and finally brought her home again, so God would also continue to love Israel and one day again restore favor to Israel.

Hosea, means "May the Lord save". His book is the first of the Minor Prophets and the longest (14 chapters).

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