The prophet from Shiloh who prophesied Israel's division into two kingdoms because of its idolatries (1 Kings 11:29-39). When Solomon was king, Jeroboam rebelled against him. Ahijah tore his own garment into 12 pieces and instructed Jeroboam to take ten of them. This symbolic action indicated that Jeroboam would be king over the ten tribes, which would be known as the northern kingdom of Israel.

Ahijah stood up for the people in the face of their oppression under Solomon and Rehoboam. Later, King Jeroboam disguised his queen and sent her to the aging and nearly blind prophet to ask whether their sick child would recover. Ahijah prophesied that because of Jeroboam's wickedness the child would die (1 Kings 14:1-18). The name Ahijah means "my brother is the Lord."

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