Abigail, wife of King David

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There were two women in the Old Testament of the Bible named Abigail who are associated with King David. One was his sister and the other became a wife of his.

The Abigail who became a wife of David is mentioned in 1 Chronicles 3:1 as Abigail of Carmel. Details of how she met David and became his wife are given in 1 Samuel 25:1-42. She is described as being intelligent and beautiful in verse 3.

This Abigail had been the wife of Nabal the Calebite, a wealthy man who was surly in his dealings with other people. David sent servants to Nabal to request assistance for David and his men, who were hiding from King Saul. But Nabal refused to provide any. When Abigail found out about the refusal, she rounded up a large quantity of bread, figs, wine and other supplies and brought them to David and his men.

Nabal died a short time later, after finding out that Abigail had helped David and his men. David later married Abigail.

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