Benaiah was one of David's bodyguards and a loyal supporter of both David and Solomon. Unlike others who had been involved in the political affairs of Jerusalem during Davids time, Benaiah remained loyal to David, when Davids son, Absalom, rebelled.

Later Adonijah, another son of David tried to take the throne and prevent Solomon from becoming king. With Benaiah's help, Solomon was anointed king (1 Kings 1:32-45). Benaiah then carried out Solomon's orders and executed Adonijah, who had tried to seize the throne. Solomon named Benaiah as commander of his army.

Benaiah was also noted for killing a lion, as well as some warriors from Moab, and a giant of a man from Egypt. (2 Sam. 23:20-22; 1 Chr. 11:22-24).

The name Benaiah means "the Lord has built."

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