Laban was an uncle of Jacob, who also became Jacob's father-in-law. He was the son of Bethul the Aramean and lived in Aram, in the province of Haran. Abraham sent his servant to Laban to arrange the marriage of Isaac to Rebekah. Years later, Jacob, fearing retaliation from his brother Esau from tricking him out of his birthright, fled to his uncle Laban.

Jacob wed Laban's two daughters, Leah and Rachel, but had to work for Laban for 14 years in return. Laban was deceitful to his son-in-law but was later outwitted by Jacob. The two ended up on friendly terms and after 21 years of work, Jacob with his wives, concubines, and 11 sons, left Laban and returned to the land of his father Isaac.

Laban is found in the Book of Genesis.

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