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Barak lived about 3000 years ago and is often associated with Deborah who was a Judge of Israel and a prophetess.

Deborah called upon the warrior, Barak, and through a message from God told him to mobilize 10,000 men from the tribes of Naphtali and Zebulun to fight the army of king Jabin of Hazor in Canaan. Barak agrees to go to battle, but only if Deborah comes with him. Deborah accompanies the army, but warns Barak that the honor of conquering Sisera (King Jabin's general) will go to a woman instead of him.

Sisera marched his entire army, including 900 iron chariots to the Kishon River. Deborah told Barak "Now is the time for action! The Lord leads on! He has already delivered Sisera into your hand." Barak leads his army down the slopes of Mount Tabor and defeats the enemy.

Sisera, who escaped the slaughter by the Israelites, is killed by Jael, a woman, who drives a peg through his head while he is sleeping. This fulfills Deborah's prophecy that Sisera would fall to a woman.

After that battle there was peace in the land for 40 years.

Barak, whose name means "lightning" was born in Kadesh-Naphtali to Abinoam of the tribe of Naphtali.

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