Maakah, wife of King Rehoboam, mother of King Abijah

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Maakah, wife of King Rehoboam, is connected with three kings of Judah. She was a wife of Rehoboam, the mother of King Abijah, and the grandmother of King Asa.

She was the daughter or grandaughter of Absalom (a name that also is rendered as Abishalom). And she was either the daughter and granddaughter of Uriel of Gibeah.

In 2 Chronicles 11:21, we learn that King Rehoboam had 18 wives and 60 concubines and that he favored Maakah.

Maakah gave birth to Abijah, Attai, Ziza and Shelomith.

She seemed to have weilded great influence of Judah during her life until her grandson, King Asa, deposed her from her position of queen mother, because she engaged in idolatry, 1 Kings 15:13.

She is mentioned in 1 Kings 15:2, 1 Kings 15:10, 1 Kings 15:13, 2 Chronicles 11:20, 2 Chronicles 11:21, 2 Chronicles 11:22, 2 Chronicles 13:2, 2 Chronicles 15:16.

Different English translations of the Bible render the name Maakah in different ways, and there are variations of the name within Hebrew. Variants include: Maacah, Maachah, Micah, Micaiah, Micaiahu and Michaiah.

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