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Naaman was a Syrian army commander who had leprosy. He learned from a captive Israelite maid about a prophet named Elisha, in Israel, who could heal him. So, Naaman set off for Israel. The king of Israel thought it might be a trick of war having the Syrian army commander come into Israel, but Elisha assured the king it was OK. Elisha demonstrated to Naaman that it was God, and not Elisha, or any human being, that did the healing, by not even showing up.

He sent a messenger, instead, telling Naaman to dip himself in the Jordan River seven times to be cured. Naaman was at first outraged that Elisha did not show up, but his servants convinced him to follow Elisha's instructions, and he was healed. Naaman then worshiped God and took two mule loads of Israelite earth back to Syria, so he could worship the Lord "on Israel soil."

He also asked for a pardon for bowing down in the temple of Rimmon when he went there with king Ben-Hadad of Syria. Elisha told him to "go in peace." (2 kings 5:1-19). Naaman offered Elisha a gift for his healing, but Elisha did not accept it. It was after this that Gehazi, Elisha's servant, ran after Naaman, to get the money that was offered to Elisha, and keep it for himself. Naaman gave him "two talent.s." When Gehazi returned to Elisha, he was stricken with the leprosy that Naaman was cured of, for accepting the money and lying to Elisha. (2 Kings 5:20-27).

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