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There at least two people named Nathan in the Bible. One was a son of King David and the other was a prophet who advised David.

Nathan, the prophet, prophesied during the reign of Kings David and Solomon. He was a big influence on David's life. He told David not to build the Temple as David had planned, but that a son (Solomon) of his would build it instead. He also told David his throne would be established forever (1 Chron. 17:1-15). He confronted David with the double sin of having Uriah killed, and the adultery of Uriah's wife, Bathsheba (2 Sam. 12:1-15).

Nathan predicted David would have trouble with his family all his life and his child by Bathsheba would die. This all came to pass. As David was nearing death, it was through Nathan that Bathsheba related the news to David of the planned takeover of David's son Adonijah.

David ordered that Solomon be proclaimed king (1 Kings 1:8-45). In 1 Chronicles 29:29 it states: "Now the deeds of King David, first and last, can be found written in history of Samuel the seer, the history of Nathan the prophet, and the history of Gad the seer."

It is also written in 2 Chronicles 9:29 that Nathan also wrote a history of King Solomon, along with Ahijah the Shilonite and Iddo the seer.

The other Nathan, the son of King David, was David's third son, who was born in Jerusalem.He was an older brother of Solomon. The line to Jesus Christ went through Nathan (Luke 3:31).

Nathan means "He gave", or "gift of God."

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