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Salome was present at the site of the crucifixion when Jesus died, watching from a distance with a group of women, including Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James.

After Jesus was placed in a tomb, Salome and the two Marys went to the tomb only to find that the stone placed at the tomb's entrance had been removed. The women then were informed that Jesus had risen from the dead and was no longer in the tomb.

Started by this news, Salome and the two Marys fled from the tomb.

These events are described in Mark, chapters 15 and 16.

Salome and the two Marys were supportive of Jesus during his ministry and helped care for him when he preached in Galilee.

Salome is mentioned twice in the Bible, in Mark 15:40 and Mark 16:1.

The name Salome means "perfect."

There might be another person in the Bible named Salome. In Mark 6 and Matthew 14, a woman described as being the daughter of Herodias and a stepdaughter to Herod Antipas, persuaded her stepfather to behead John the Baptist.

Neither Mark or Matthew give a name for Herodias' daughter. But a first-century Jewish historian named Josephus wrote that Herodias had a daughter named Salome.

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