Timna, mother of Amalek

There could be three separate people in the Bible named Timna, although it's possible they are all the same person.

Timna, the mother of Amalek, was a concubine of Eliphaz, who was a son of Esau, who founded the country of Edom. This Timna is mentioned in Genesis 36:12 and 1 Chronicles 1:36.

There also is a Timna listed as being the sister to a Horite named Lotan. She is mentioned in Genesis 36:22 and 1 Chronicles 1:39.

The mother of Amalek and the sister of Lotan might be the same person. If so, it's possible that Timna was a Horite who was taken captive by the Edomites during a war between the two groups.

There also is a Timna listed as being one of the chiefs of Edom, in 1 Chronicles 1:51. But this Timna could refer to a different person, perhaps a male.

The name Timna means "restraint."

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