Valley of Sukkoth

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Sukkoth is a city east of the Jordan River that was in the territory of Gad. It is about 30 miles north of the Dead Sea.

After Jacob had ended his exile and met his brother Esau, on the way back to Canaan, he built himself a house and booths for his cattle, and called the place Sukkoth.

When Gideon was chasing and defeating the Median army, he and his 300 famished men stopped at Sukkoth and asked the people for loaves of bread. They refused him, and he later took revenge on the elders of the city.

The burnished bronze vessels that King Solomon made for the Temple, were cast in the clay ground near Sukkoth.

Sukkoth is mentioned twice in Psalm 60:6 and in Psalm 108:7. Today the place that used to be known as Sukkoth is part of the country of Jordan.

Valley of Sukkoth appears in 2 Bible verses: Psalm 60:6 and Psalm 108:7.

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