Jeroboam 2, King of Israel

Jeroboam 2 was the son of King Joash, and the great grandson of King Jehu. He reigned 41 years (789-748 BC). He was the 13th king of the northern kingdom of Israel. He was not related to Jeroboam 1. He fought and conquered Damascus and Hamath and expanded Israel's boundaries. There were peaceful relations between Israel and Judah during the reign of Jeroboam 2, and Israel became wealthy.

Although he reigned 41 years, there is not much written about him in the Bible, other than that he was as evil as Jeroboam 1, who had led Israel into the sin of worshiping idols (2 Kings 14:24). When Jeroboam 2 died, he was buried with the other Kings of Israel, and his son Zechariah became the new king. Jeroboam's story is found in 2 Kings, chapters 13-15.

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